Frequently Asked Questions

From Which class does the Fun’N’Learn for kids program start?
Ans: The Fun’N’Learn program starts from Nursery (Age3) to Grade 2 (Age 7). Grade 3 (Age 8) is available to only Grade 2 students who wish to renew their subscription.
Is Fun’N’Learn for Kids a new way of doing Basic Learning Concepts?
Which syllabus does Fun’N’Learn cover?
What happens if my child enrolls in December, what happens to the earlier months? Will my child miss out ?
Can we start the program anytime of the year ?
Do we have to wait until one year for the child to enroll in next level ?
My child is in class 2, can she start on Fun’N’Learn?
How do I enroll my child ?
What is the mode of payment ?
How do children get upgraded to the next level ?
Who developed the Fun’N’Learn Content ?
What is the difference between Fun’N’Learn Sheets and other Activity sheets?
Do we send back the worksheet after my child has completed it ?
Will I be sent worksheets via emails on a weekly/monthly basis
Incase of a mid-year start can I get delivery of Fun’N’Learn kit for multiple months inorder to catch on the academic cycle for the same class ?
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