Preschooler Sensorial Busy Kit

Offers hand crafted hands-on learning 15 Intelligence building activities in a kit to keep little ones busy while promoting thinking skills. To enable parents to keep their little ones occupied with fun and engage them with activities independently.
Fun’N’Learn Kits aims to encourage parents to avoid the use of smart phones and other gadgets as a means to distract their children.

Why Preschooler Sensorial busy Kit?

Activities in our Preschooler Sensorial Busy kit has a combination of items to spark curiosity and sustain interest over time. We include preschool learning activities from four main Categories: Language, Math/Logic, Fine Motor, Shape & Color Concept.

General Information

Each Busy activity bag has a small description leaflet describing the skill and the concept.
Please note that the Age criteria specified is as per our assumption and may differ from one child to the other.

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